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Maintenance of Hand-hammered Copper Products

 Many clients doubt about choosing our custom copper products because they imagine their perfectly made products will change over time, especially as far as the natural copper patina is concerned. We all heard about the unique copper feature called the “living finish” and in our everyday life, we can see how copper statues, copper roofing or even pots and pans from our kitchen is transforming from a reddish to green or dark red hue. In this article, we want to talk about the maintenance of hand-hammered copper products. Therefore, whether you are looking forward to those amazing changes or want to keep your copper bathtub or copper range hood unaltered, keep reading.

hand-hammered copper products

First of all, you should know that almost all of our handmade copper items are fully customized. We can modify the standard size of the object, its shape, add some fancy decorative elements and last but not least, our customers can choose a patina finish of their choice. That means that your lavish dining table with copper tabletop will be covered with special treatments that enhance specific styles like ancient, oxidized green or smooth and polished. Once those patina options are chosen and applied it means that the maintenance of this specific copper-made piece of furniture or appliance is just effortless. A treated copper does not suffer the same process as natural metal. It offers an unchanged look for many decades as long as you apply minimum care. The first step is to clean hand-hammered copper products. When cleaning your copper kitchen sink or copper vent hood, make sure to use a mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive chemical cleaners, metal scrubbing pads, or steel wool. Even the highest quality copper patina might suffer damages when exposed to strong chemicals.

We also understand that there are many customers who prefer copper over other interesting metals due to its living patina characteristic. There is something magical in watching your kitchenware or lamps transform over time and gaining new texture. The color and tones of your custom copper appliances will continue to change and shift over time. Those changes are not drastic but very subtle and look fabulous. it’s what gives copper it is unique rustic design qualities. This shifting in tones is known as the patina process and only appears in untreated, natural copper. For that reason, the maintenance of hand-hammered copper products from My Custom Copper will never be complicated. Most of our production has a special patina finish so the patina process won’t occur but your copper freestanding bathtub or copper bathroom sink will give you all the benefits of high-quality copper.

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