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Kitchen Extractor Hood

If you are in the process of conducting a home renovation or planning remodeling soon consider replacing your old kitchen extractor hood with a brand new unit. Whether you are a fan of ultra modern or country style designs a handmade custom copper vent hood can be manufactured in either way. The most important question is your exhaust range hood going to clear your kitchen air? It is the reason we design site the way you can select your extractor hood width corresponding with you stove size situated below. Prior to choosing the hood dimensions however, brows our wide selection of styles and pick the right hood model for you. We are going to deliver finished product when and where you need it free providing you live in the continental USA.

What is Kitchen Extractor Hood

image of range hood with an extractor installed in a kitchen

Let's take it form the beginning. A exhaust hood with insert or vent hood is a kitchen appliance made of mechanical fan built in to the hood that hangs above the cooktop or stove oven. It separates airborne grease, combustion elements, cooking fumes and smoke, odors and boiling water steam from the air. It moves "bad" air through the filtration system back to kitchen called ductless hood or outside the house. If you are working on a restaurant, the exhaust hood must extract fumes outdoors. In those cases, you will need much stronger linear that you will need to purchase from the specialized supplier. We do our part by customizing the hood for that particular insert installation.

Hood Extractor Brands

You can view all professional extractors on their web pages including Broan, Vent-a-Hood, Siemens and others. Installing inside of our custom extractor hood one of those pieces of equipment will optimize to the functionality to the highest possible level. Most of them implemented innovative technologies to keep the air clean so you breath easily while preparing your meals.

copper kitchen extractor hood

Custom Copper Hood Extractor Fan

For domestic application, we incorporate in each kitchen extractor hood Teka´s silent extractor designed the way you can cook without worrying about unpleasant smoke and odor. Their extractor liners can be quickly integrated inside the hood that fit any kitchen décor and space. They are cheap and are equipped with 200CFM ventilator, lights and filter. The advantage buying it on our site is our ability to produce a custom output fast and delivery from the production facility in less than five weeks. We developed along the years a massive range of copper cooker hood designs with limited guarantee on ventilation equipment. Buying direct from the hood manufacturer has its benefits. You get the lowest possible price and ability to personalize your range hood to be fabricated just for you. We work as a extractor manufacturer with the following product categories: designer hoods, chimney vent hoods, wall mount and island hoods and kitchen cabinet integrated models.

Hood Extractor Specifications

When deciding about ordering a brand new copper kitchen extractor hood consider the following:

  • Cooker ventilation CFM specifications
  • Appliance design
  • Is it practical and innovative
  • Metal it is made of

We offer hoods for domestic and commercial kitchens handmade hoods in hammered copper, zinc, pewter and wrought iron. They  can be finished in variety of ways typical for each metal ranging form contemporary to old Europe or Hacienda. You can add additional elements such as angled straps, modify curved line, nails, rivets  or simple chimney connecting the hood with the ceiling. Our team will make a considerable effort to create perfect solution for your kitchen needs. Check extractor hood installation procedure for do-it-yourself help. Choose a great extractor hood at competitive prices by shopping Custom Copper today.

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