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How to Choose the Copper Sink for Your Kitchen

The right copper sink can make a big difference in the look and function of the kitchen, affecting everything from cleaning and preparing meals to the overall style of your cooking area. However, it is a real challenge to choose the sink that best suits your particular taste and needs having so many options available on the market. We want to help you to make the decision on how to choose the perfect copper sink for your kitchen. Don't worry. Your better copper half is somewhere around our handmade copper sinks for sure!

undermount copper kitchen sink

Undermount Copper Sink for a Kitchen

Using a traditional drop-in sink, the rest of the food or water can easily accumulate on the lips at the top of the counter, which can cause further problems and just look quite unsterile. The undermount copper sink is better at keeping food and residue in the sink, and is also more suitable for countertop cleaning, because excess food can be wiped directly into the sink, rather than into the gap. The undermount copper sinks bring a flawless transition from the counter to sink area which gives a nice harmony to the overall style of the kitchen. Our hand-hammered undermount kitchen sinks guarantee high performance and longevity. The copper is also the most antibacterial metal of all which makes is the ideal material to introduce in kitchens and bathrooms.

apron copper sink

If you are both great admirer of beautiful things and a deeply practical person, the apron copper sink in your elegant kitchen is a must and a perfect addition to any home chef kitchen. For centuries European cooks have appreciated copper’s fine qualities. The farmhouse type sinks are great for big families and cooking aficionado as they are usually of considerable sizes, suitable for washing large cookware and complementing the contemporary or traditional aesthetic. Nowadays, the farmhouse sink is still mainly used to prepare food and wash dishes, but its aesthetic charm has become popular, making it a fashionable addition to traditional kitchens and modern kitchens. The exposed front of the sink (or apron) allows the homeowner to show off the material of the sink. There are now a variety of finishes and custom designs that can achieve beauty and function. In addition to being visually appealing, the deeper farmhouse sink basin also helps to clean large pots and pans, and its position extending from the counter prevents water from splashing on the cabinet below the sink.

Independently on which type of copper sink you will go for, you should also consider choosing between single or double bow. A single bow is great for smaller kitchens as it does not take up much counter space. They also offers more space inside the basin which makes washing the dishes an easy and comfortable choir. A double bow copper sink is the best options for all of us who does not like modern dishwashers. You can also consider different variations of bowls, One might be bigger than the other but that depends only on your necessities and style.

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