Dorp-in Copper Kitchen Sink

copper kitchen sink copper sink drop-in copper sink

Decorating for Thanksgiving is part of fun in a kitchen, at least for most of us. Others required some extra kick in form of inspiration. It is the reason we at CustomCopper created a few ideas of how to make the preparation time easier for you taking into account your brand new drop-in copper sink. Good for you, copper is big this season. It will not be that difficult to source metal accents such as coasters, napkin holders or candle holders to complement it. All of them with traditional or modern trendy look making your Thanksgiving table way attractive beside serving great food.

We began our investigation by placing small copper accents you can find typically in eat-in kitchen or dining room. Napkin rings, straws and runners. All of those tiny metal items add unique atmosphere to the table but avoid overdoing it. We took out larger copper products like plates and vases as well. Their advantage is that you don't need to worry about anybody braking anything what is always the case when using glassware. In their place copper use for entertaining provides warmth and at the same time supplementing your wonderful drop-in copper kitchen sink. Depending on the requirement and space available in the kitchen counter you can install a single or double sink version.

Custom Copper designer team is going to bring more coppersmith inspirations for making easier to buy handcrafted sinks. For many ideas while styling your rooms we invite your to take a look at our Pinterest photographs of drop-in copper sinks in kitchen.

drop-in copper sink for a kitchen

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  • Luis Taylor on

    These drop in copper kitchen sinks are beautiful and the best thing is that they are handmade. Also these copper sinks have many designs with incredible finishings.

  • Sarah Sagra on

    These drop-in copper kitchen sinks are perfect because they are discret. Also these sinks have many beautiful designs with a great finishing.

  • José Vasconcelos on

    I think that copper is fabulous because it matches with every kind of houses and you can put it anywhere because it will look great. Nothing better than have one of these drop-in copper kitchen sinks in your house to make it look great.

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