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How to choose a copper range hood for your kitchen

My Custom Copper is a Mexican based company that specializes in high-grade copper products to enhance daily life with durable and stunning kitchen copper sinks, range hoods and accessories. In this article, we will display you the designing possibilities you have and how to choose the most suitable copper range hood your kitchen to transform it from a regular to lavish space.

copper range hood


There are many materials available for functional and beautiful vent hoods but our distinguish feature are appliances made of high-quality copper which is one of the most flexible and versatile metals on the market. Our copper hoods can be installed as a wall mount, over a kitchen island and under a cabinet. The first thing you should decide is how you would like your new oven hood to be presented and which option is suitable in your existing kitchen layout. The under cabinet range hood is a great choice in case you want to save some space but at the same time. Check our collection of copper range hoods and once you fall in love with one of our elegant and elegant models, choose the perfect height. We are able to convert any copper range hood into under cabinet option. In some cases, the hood’s look will be altered significantly even though our coppersmiths do their best to reflect the range hood appearance as close as possible. The size is not the only thing you can customize. The buyer can also select copper finishing to add some powerful touch to it and create a focal point with a customized vent hood

The type of copper range hoods that best display all the incredible aesthetics is the island vent hood. If most of the cooking is done in the kitchen island area, the most recommendable would be to place your range hood there. Needless to say that if you have a stove on the island, an extractor hangs from the ceiling above is a must. It makes a great statement to any guest visiting your home. Our company offers a wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles in their kitchen island hoods collection to enhance your kitchen design. Not only will this appliance look gracefully but it will work amazingly preventing your cooking station from unwelcomed smells and smoke. On the other hand, perhaps the most popular model of copper range hood between our clients is a wall mount vent hood. If you choose wisely your wall range hood, this can highlight the overall style of your kitchen, adding elegance and charm, independently on the design you have chosen. Normally, they are placed between the kitchen cabinets and you can give it an importance that you want. If you choose a copper extractor for an overall white kitchen, this metallic appliance will become the centrepiece. However, if all the furnishing is designed in a rustic style with wood or other metals used in the space, the copper will harmoniously fit in without creating a powerful contrast.

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