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Farmhouse Copper Sink with Matching Copper Range Hood

With furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, sinks, backsplashes and even counters, the copper sets stunning and stylish trends in modern or traditional decor. The unmistakable glow and unique texture are what makes copper one of the most popular metal chosen for domestic interior design. Today we want to talk about how to upgrade your kitchen using our custom-made copper appliances. Without any complications, imagine a perfect couple: farmhouse copper sink with matching copper range hood. The glowing hue of a polished copper vent hood will add a welcoming atmosphere into your cooking area, with no fear of overwhelming the overall. The homeowner can easily create a statement design by matching a designer apron front sink with one of our decorative copper range hoods.

copper sink with copper range hood

To create a cohesive look between a customized farmhouse sink and matching copper range hood, you can either decide to order your artisan-made appliances treated with the same patina finishing or go with a similar or same pattern hand-hammered on the front of the washbasin and the molding of the vent. Our hand-made copper range hood can be customized in size, shape, color and small, decorative details such as straps and rivets. The same applies to our make-to-order farmhouse copper hoods. The general rule applied to customized work is that the client pays only an additional fee for the extra material used which is a great deal for a unique, blacksmith work of art. The good news is that copper has a warm quality and, as we already mentioned, can be finished in many different tones and for that this high-quality metal goes well with many interior styles. It can look bright and shiny with a polished, smooth surface, ideal for modern, minimalist or industrial ambiances. On the other hand, we also have darker finishes with less gloss but with a beautiful, rustic texture, perfect for more traditional kitchens.

If you are thinking to pair a decorative vent hood with your kitchen apron front sink you can integrate them beautifully by picking the same design motive. This could be, for instance, a grape cluster that can look fabulous in a cooking area, adding a farmhouse feel to it. The ornamented panel fruit design was hand-hammered by artisans from Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico. The “Georgia” hood decor includes crown molding, vertical straps and the apron grapefruits pattern. It has a rustic, country house kitchen appeal. To finish the cottage look, you can install our copper apron kitchen sink "Nashville". It is a single bowl washbasin that is a perfect blend of functionality, comfort and metal art. Pairing those two models will give you a one-of-a-kind kitchen setup. Your custom copper appliances will get the attention of your guest due to beautiful lines, detailed and fancy patterns engraved on the copper surface. copper range hoods.

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