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Decorate your Venue with Custom Copper Products

Set a distinctive tone in your business space to gain new customers and make your current customers feel comfortable and relaxed. The ambience of your restaurant, bar, boutique hotel etc is as important as the treats you are offering to your clients. Whether it is a delicious dinner, exquisite wine or a pint, you want your company to stand out from the crowd with a stunning and unusual style! With new business open every day the competition is really strong. Decorate your venue with custom copper products that will add a surprising twist to the existing décor. Handmade copper appliances and furniture are pizzazz or classic, depending on the design you give them. Take advantage of the versatility of copper and enjoy its high quality and durability.

custom copper for venues and resxtaurant

The current market forces us, business owners, to constantly innovate and offer the best of each industry. The hospitality field is one of the most difficult because the are so many new spots being open all the time. How can you decorate your venue with custom copper products-you may ask. With My Custom Copper, you are given several options to consider from equipping your restaurant's kitchen with a hand-hammered copper range hood, customized to the size of your professional cooking area to embellishing the dining area with a new set of custom copper tables or adding a copper backsplash in yours business's lobby. Many modern restaurants and bars choose an open kitchen concept. Today, a client wants to get t know all the secrets of your chef. Therefore, creating a unique, attractive decor in your kitchen is a must. A handmade copper range hood is an extraordinary idea to create a statement piece. It can also be complemented by a copper farmhouse sink or sinks, in order to create an unforgettable experience for your clients.

However, the most important part of your business decor is the main, dining area or a reception (if we are talking about a hotel or luxury boutique). You know what they say: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Therefore, and especially, if you work on a budget, think about how you can upgrade your venue with small but powerful changes. Copper table-tops are popular among business owners as they are known for their durability and beauty. A copper table with an iron base saves you time as it is very easy to clean and maintain these kinds of tables. For commercial use such as bars, diners and restaurants we produce tables of plywood instead of particleboard. It is much stronger and works better in a restaurant setting. Wood-based material is covered with hammered or smooth copper and finished with customized patina. All of our copper products can be custom made. Our clients can order each purchase with personalized size and form. Copper is a versatile and very flexible metal so working with it is a real delight! Additionally, it is not only the size that we are able to customize in a cooper table but the customer can also choose the patina finishing by selecting one of our patina options or having it hand polished. We understand that each venue is looking for decorative elements that reflect better its spirit and we wanted to offer a broad variety of designs in copper.

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