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Copper Extractor with Decorative Straps

If you are looking to add a unique piece into your kitchen's decor that is also matching a rustic ambiance, consider a copper extractor with decorative straps. Metal straps and rivets were originally used to join pieces of sheet metal and provide structural support to the range hood. Today, with modern techniques, those elements are decorations only and they are providing appealing solutions to our custom-made copper appliances. 

copper hood with straps

Our broad collection of hand-hammered copper range hoods offers numerous models of copper vent hoods that include decorative horizontal or vertical straps. How do we embellish the extractor’s molding with these characteristic straps? Straps are flat vertical strips of metal welded onto the hood. Sometimes the straps come decorated with rivets that come above the straps for a stronger effect. The rivets are small metal balls welded to the straps or apron for extra flair. They can be made of different metals and patina finishes to give your copper extractor a unique design. If you are looking for a subtle touch of metallic charm in your kitchen, we would advise you to keep it quite simple and choose a copper extractor with decorative straps made also from copper just like in the "Albuquerque" model. Once you choose a perfect vent hood, go ahead and discover our collection of apron front copper sinks which can give a beautiful mix of metals for your kitchen's design. Just order both items in similar patina finishing so they complement each other instead of creating contrasts. However, if your goal is to create a surprising and eclectic ambiance, you can easily obtain it by choosing an aesthetically more complex model such as copper hood "Arlington" whose body is made of copper and the straps are made from iron. Another idea could be to order a hammered texture for molding and polished, shiny copper for straps.

Last but not least, apart from the beauty and looks, think about the logistics of the copper extractor installation. Should your copper range hood include inserts with a fan, light, and filter? Perhaps you prefer a natural wall or island range hoods without any electric equipment? You need to decide before the purchase. Usually, the space between a kitchen range top and the bottom of the hood is 36 inches. However, some manufactures may suggest other distances. Eventually, it will depend on the buyer's personal preferences but this decision will have an influence on the mount height of your kitchen appliance so you have to select it in advance. Keep in mind our wall copper range hoods for the USA are made at our metal Mexican facility and it will take some time to deliver them outside the country.


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