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Copper Kitchen Sink

For centuries European and American households have appreciated copper’s exquisite qualities. Home and restaurant kitchens in the mid-19th century were well stocked with copper cookware. Nowadays, copper's versatility is being appreciated in the design of bigger kitchen appliances such as ccopper extractor and sinks. Therefore, if you are dreaming to add some comfortable farmhouse style in your kitchen, copper kitchen sinks will do the trick.

farmhouse copper sink in a country style kitchen

There are many different styles of modern and traditional style kitchen sinks in the market today that come in many different materials. Porcelain, steel, stone, and copper are all popular among homeowners. Besides the obvious differences in aesthetics, the copper is one of the most durable materials and it is not so heavy like a stone so if you are ordering from abroad, it will be less expensive as well. The high-quality copper like the one My Custom Copper is using is a guarantee of durability and excellent performance. It is a material that will not crack or chop so you want to use it in a hectic environment like cooking and washing dishes area. Being a flexible metal, the copper gives us the opportunity to create amazing shapes and unique designs for our farmhouse kitchen sinks. You can therefore enjoy copper kitchen sinks such as "Arkansas" apron-style sink that has its apron hand-forged with a grape design or "Cleveland farmhouse sink that features a complex design over the front of the basin in form of climber plant with leaves.

As far as the mounting type, you are probably asking which sink: undermount copper sink or drop-in should you choose? The installation under the kitchen counter is best done when the kitchen counter-tops are being replaced, or you can make a new fresh cut that is larger than the original sink cut out. Under-counter installations are visually more appealing and all-around easier to keep clean and offer less risk of corrosion. Lastly, as far as the look is concerned, you can choose among many stunning models of single bowl copper sink or double copper that are sold in various shapes and sizes. The top mount copper kitchen sink, also called drop-in washbasin is designed in a way that it is dropped into a hole in the countertop. It has usually a rim or a lip that aids in holding in place and also gives a coherent and finished look. This type of copper kitchen sinks are much easier to install but on the long run, it is a little bit more complicated to keep the area clean as food can stuck between the rim and the counter.

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