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Copper Sinks for Master Bath

The homeowners are often indecisive when trying to choose among the available options for bathroom sinks. The truth is that selecting the most suitable one be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what style you want to achieve. Custom copper appliances can upgrade and furnish surprisingly many ambiances from the most traditional such as rustic to modern and industrial. Choosing copper sinks for master bath will be an effortless thing to do once you determine the overall style that reflects your taste and adjusts to the existing layout.

copper sinks for a master bathroom

The first step to an easy and stress-free bathroom vanity makeover is to know what type of bathroom you are remodeling: a guest bath, children’s bathroom, or perhaps an Airbnb property. If the bathroom will only be used by the two adults that own the house, the choice of materials and furnishings can be extremely broad. After all, you do not feel restrained by anything and no one. Copper is a wonderful metal that actually has so many benefits for a wet environment. Not only it is the most antibacterial of all metals, but it also maintains the water temperature. Therefore, opting for copper kitchen sinks or bathroom copper sinks seems like a perfect decision not only on an aesthetic level but also in case you care about hygiene. On the other hand, maintaining a copper bathroom sink can indeed be a little bit trickier than a ceramic one. Copper is a delicate metal, and you should always try not to use corrosive products on it. That is why, if it is a bathroom that many random people would use such as in a hotel or restaurant, we would highly recommend you cover the natural copper with a patina finishing that will effectively protect its surface. If we talk about hand-hammered copper sinks for master bath, have no fear. Just clean it with a wet cloth and gentle cleaning products and once in a while, you can apply wax to create an additional protective layer.

Secondly, think of how much you like to share a single copper sink? Perhaps if your master bathroom has enough space, you can get a double console. That, for sure, will avoid many morning fights on you is using the vanity first. Each copper piece could have a slightly different design but they both should share size and type of installation. You can choose between undermount copper sinks or drop-in. What does it mean? Well, the rim of the undermount sink is fixed to the underside of the countertop, as opposed to sitting on top of it if you go for a drop-in copper sink.

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