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New Trend: Copper Mirrors in Kitchen

Mirrors are one of the most versatile décor items you can use, and they add beauty, elegance, and many other decorating benefits to your home. For many decades mirrors with fancy frames have been a popular accessory for nearly every room of the house. You could find them in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and lobbies. Now, decorative copper mirrors have entered the kitchen space as well. Yes, you heard well! Copper mirrors in kitchen can reflect the views from your garden or windows placed in front of and that adds a lot of natural light. They visually can open the kitchenette area making the room look more spacious. Keep reading to find out all the creative ways you can introduce one of our stunning Mexican copper mirrors in the kitchen.

custom copper mirrors in a kitchen

When choosing to add a mirror with a copper frame or any other type of mirror, the homeowner needs to think about what she or he wants to achieve by that. Is it a purely decorative solution or does the kitchen needs to look brighter and larger? Thoughtful and strategic placement of mirrors can benefit enormously your kitchen. Probably, you are a little bit hesitant about where to hang your Mexican copper mirror. The clever positioning of a mirror can enrich your kitchen’s design in several ways, not only aesthetically. Imagine locating a mirrored backsplash behind a cooktop. You will be able to keep an eye on your family or continue to have a lovely conversation with friends without having to turn around while cooking. In that case, you can also consider adding a custom copper backsplash with a polished surface. It gives the almost same result and reflection as a glass of a mirror. The same applies to the small and dark kitchen. Some can get the most powerful boost with custom-made mirrors. You can hang several mirrors of different sizes and shapes, as well as some of them, can be vertical while others horizontal. The kitchen backsplash normally will require a large, horizontal one but if you want to place it on the main kitchen wall, it could be either way.

Incorporating a carefully chosen mirror into your kitchen injects a touch of glamour and brings other benefits. The reflective surface bounces light back across a room, adding brightness and a sense of depth. It is the cheapest way of opening the space without an annoying renovation. A popular kitchen layout includes a window beneath the sink, however, if that isn’t possible, why not create the illusion of a window by hanging a vintage copper mirror above the sink instead? This solution will again bring the focus to the area, adds more depth to the space and if the view in front is nice, you get an extra view without a proper window. you can also consider adding a copper farmhouse sink to match the mirror.

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