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Copper Bathroom Sinks with Pre-Colombian Designs

Accent your decor with hand-hammered copper bathroom sinks and make yourself the envy of your guests and family. Each of our custom-made copper home appliances is done individually, reflecting every expert forging of our skillful Mexican artisans. There are many copper bathroom sinks sold worldwide. However, the value of our products comes from the rich tradition of hand-hammering and coppersmith that Mexico is famous for. One of the most authentic and native models are the copper bathroom sinks with pre-Colombian designs depicting animals both real and fantastic, reptiles, birds, flowers, geometrical figures, wheels, foliage, maze-like patterns, all created with the boldness and fanciful characteristics of Mexican art.

custom copper sinks in a bathroom

The traditional copper work started in Mexico in the precolonial era, mostly limited to Michoacan state where we have been continuing to manufacture rustic, copper appliances for many decades. Copper was the most important metal and played a prominent role in the metallurgy of ancient Mexico. Until today, Santa Clara del Cobre is the hub for excellent metal production and it is where the annual Copper Fair is organized. It is our pride to be selling copper sinks in any shape, size and style, using a blend of technique and knowledge of the coppersmith that pass their know-how from one generation to another. As a result, we can offer a broad collection of copper sinks, copper bathtubs or copper range hoods, all made of highest-quality metal and with the focus on detail. Have a look at the “Aztec” copper bathroom sink that was inspired, as the name itself, by Aztec civilization. This washbasin enhances a prehistoric character with a pattern engraved on the inner wall in geometric forms, similar to the ones you can find at the Mesoamerican pyramids.

This round copper sink has a flat lip with a sophisticated relief design in it. The shape of the lip is suitable for sink’s installation under marble or granite bathroom counters. Another stunning example of pre-Colombian designs within our copper bathroom sinks is the “Juarez” model. Made as an oval shape, this sink represents one of the most native Mexican looks with a pattern of a labyrinth or maze that is one of the most universal symbols in human mythologies. In pre-Colombian cultures, the maze is a very popular motive expressing a metaphysical status. As a functional product, the handcrafted sink is a great fit in modern rustic cottages, transitional and of course, Southern feel bathrooms. Once you decide to introduce the copper into your home decor, be sure to do that with a reliable supplier that uses great quality copper. We have been manufacturing metal home appliances for more than twenty years with thousands of satisfied clients and plenty of hand-hammered copper sinks, adding new designs every year to introduce new trends with the same, proven technique. The copper provides warming and delicate glow that can be easily incorporated into any interior scheme to add an element of elegance and comfort.

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