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Adding Copper into a Kitchen

Copper is a trending kitchen aesthetic and for good reason. It performs well in classic, rustic, and contemporary designs while providing superior durability and excellent cooking capabilities. From small items such as a toaster with copper elements or copper planters and most popular copper pots to large appliances such as copper range hoods and copper farmhouse sinks, adding copper into a kitchen will provide an appealing and elegant to the existing decor. Luckily, the modern market offers every day new, amazing features that are either made of copper or treated in the copper finish so we can create superb interiors with copper as a leading trend.

custom made copper farmhouse sink and range hood in a kitchen

There are so many creative ways to boost your décor by introducing copper that can be both shiny and polished or rough and dark with hammered texture. Its versatility allows the manufacturers to create diverse designs that can fit in practically any style of home. If you want to make copper a dominant hue, consider installing a custom copper backsplash that could be decorating the whole wall behind the sink or just a part of the surface that is heavily exposed by all the cooking and cleaning the dishes. This would make an excellent focal point in your kitchen and the copper backsplash could match darker tone furnishings, providing some light. This idea seems perfect for quite modern solutions. Having chosen a large, decorative piece made of copper, we would recommend you limit the copper presence to some additional smaller pieces such as timeless copper cookware. The copper pots and pans are heavy and non-scratch. Plus, they will last a lifetime if well taken care of, so they seem like an ideal, decorative accent as well as a great choice for healthy and functional cooking.

copper in a kitchen

Other bold copper appliances that are great for both, modern and traditional kitchens are copper vent hoods or copper apron front sinks, and copper ovens. Of course, adding copper into a kitchen is not for everybody. Copper has a very characteristic look and its patina changes with time in a process of oxidizing. However, for all of us- copper aficionados, it is the most durable material suitable for the kitchen environment and, without any doubt the most antibacterial. When you are choosing your hand-hammered sink or extractor, think twice before your final decision. A custom copper appliance is a case of a long commitment because it hardly ever breaks, and the patina changes can be restored. Also, if you order your copper product with one of our special patina treatments, you will not experience any visible changes on its surface. The high-quality copper appliance fits in any style kitchen, from farmhouse to eclectic and even industrial.

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