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Bathroom Oval Copper Sinks

Take your love for a country style to another level and consider buying an oval copper sink for a bathroom. Our company offers a wide range of bathroom sinks and among them square, rectangular and custom made irregular shape. However, oval copper sinks are our best seller. They are produced of hammered metal as drop-in and undermount. They are equipped with 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for connecting with any standard plumbing hardware. Our bathroom copper sinks can be optionally furnished with drain-back preventing water overflowing its edge.

As a material it represents some of the greatest properties. It is a good plumbing material because it doesn't corrode in contact with water. Besides, it creates in a bathroom natural environment. Copper doesn't rust like iron and steel which makes it a great product to use in damp environments. It is very durable and for those who care about our planet, we also have amazing news. It can be recycled and 100% can be recovered in the process. Most importantly, oval sinks have a beautiful finish that matures with time to give a natural patina. It can be polished to a high shine, or aged using various acceleration techniques.

Think about installing oval copper sinks and choose the vessel design you can imagine will fit perfectly your bathroom. You can create a stunning rustic decoration by adding Mexican tiles that are available in enormous variety of colors and patterns from our partner site. Or, on the other hand, keep your washroom in pure and calming whites while incorporating furnishings as a beautiful vintage bathtub to embrace a farmhouse environment. It is an extraordinarily versatile object that can be juxtaposed with modern amenities. Infuse this simple palette into your home with many Mexican accessories including for example a soap dispenser, tooth brush holder or a tray for your cosmetics.

Several sinks were designed for undermount or drop-in bathroom cabinet installation some of them can be used as undermount. The difference between both bathroom sinks is in its lip. It can be either flat or round. The first one can be used for installing it under the counter only. In addition, we fabricate vessel copper sinks. Most of them are kind of half drop-in and a half above the counter. Why? Part of it is dropped into the hole in the countertop and its apron supports the basin above it. This kind of washbasin measures more or less two to four inches while the total depth is about six. All hammered bathroom sinks, regardless of their version, come with the patina of choice. It can be dark, light, green oxidized or polished. By default, all oval copper sinks for washroom are hammered.

drop-in, vessel and undermount oval copper bathroom sinks

Average product production including delivery takes four weeks. Our handmade copper sinks are shipped directly from the production facility located in Santa Clara del Cobre in state of Michoacan central Mexico. We offer free delivery to the US and Canada.

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