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Decorate with Custom Copper

The used of copper due to its distinctive look and warm feeling is a big trend in interior designing nowadays. You can find elegant furniture, decorative items, kitchen backsplash, lamps and much other luxurious equipment made of this precious metal. Therefore, decorate with custom copper is very satisfying and a real delight.

custom copper decorating a bathroom

One of the most important reasons to choose to decorate with custom copper products in homes around the world is how resourceful this material is and how versatile looks it can create. Just have a look at some of our hand-hammered copper sinks, kitchen hoods or mirror for instance and soon you will realize that with thousands of models of each product, you will be able to combine it with so many different styles ranging from traditional Colonial to transitional “modern-rustic” to highly modern ones. To decorate your interiors with custom copper appliances fives you the guarantee of enjoying long-lasting vanity which maintenance is rather simple. Therefore, when a customer picks and chooses the sinks, bathtubs, extractors or copper dining table for their home, they are creating something that will last forever and can be handed down from generation to generation. Even more importantly and apart from its stunning aesthetics, the copper is 100% recyclable material which makes you even closer to be a more eco-friendly consumer.

Whether the interior design is sleek, monochrome and modern or rustic and natural, copper will easily fit and become a focal point that you were looking for. A bold custom copper range hood can upgrade the layout of the whole kitchen and even set the tone for the rest of the decor. Recently it is very popular to mix different types of metals and decorate custom copper that has a rustic, organic patina finish with more of a glossy sheen of steel can create an intriguing duo where the tones and texture are in perfect harmony. The welcoming feel of copper is contrasting with a cooler and sleeker look of the steel. The handmade copper products can be used as centerpieces as a freestanding clawfoot bathtub or it can boost the existing style of any room by adding little decorative details such as copper lighting fixtures (hanging lamps, wall scones or table lamps). By using different custom copper accents for your home, your decor will stand out from the rest. Some of the most popular items custom made of copper on our Web page are apron-front farmhouse sinks, copper double slipper tubs and country style copper range hoods.

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