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Custom Copper Farmhouse Sinks

If you care for both, the beauty and the functionality of your home appliances, a custom copper farmhouse sink is the right choice for you. And yes, you might find cheaper solutions but they will never make such a statement as an apron-front like sink handmade just for you. A modern or traditional, any kitchen will be upgraded with an appliance of such quality and most importantly, it will de a long-lasting addition to your elegant and lush kitchen.

hand hammered copper country kitchen sink

For centuries European cooks have appreciated copper’s fine qualities. Home and restaurant kitchens in the mid-19th century were well stocked with copper cookware. Nowadays, copper became material for bigger kitchen appliances such as extract or and sinks and the custom copper farmhouse sinks have become extremely popular. Therefore, if you are dreaming to add some comfortable cottage style in your kitchen, farmhouse copper sinks will do the trick. Any of our customized designs can turn into the centerpiece of a kitchen and can define the style of the rest of the layout. Imagine all-white kitchen. A golden hue, a shiny copper sink can break the whiteness in such a powerful and exquisite way!

There are many different copper sinks available in the market. Homeowners should take time to choose the right model, suitable for both their family needs and their kitchen' atmosphere. Our company is elaborating the copper sinks as drop-in and with decorative apron-front style. The sinks are produced of 16 gauge copper with all possible bowl configurations including made-to-order designs. Order your brand new farmhouse copper sink in any standard length including 30, 33, 36 and 40 inches or custom made product. They can have one or two compartments. If you have always many dishes to wash, a broad sink with two basins will be the most comfortable solution. Also, the drain can be on the left or right side, depending on your necessities. All of our sinks are hand-polish finished and feature a radiant hammered finish, inside and outside. A large basin and comfortable sides on the copper farmhouse sinks make it easy to wash and rinse even your largest cookware. Once, you choose the model, think about the details that will make it a one-of-a-kind vanity. When it comes to custom copper farmhouse sinks, the patina is a very important design element. It is the coloration of the copper finish. We offer the apron sinks in four patina options- light, dark, fired and hand-polished

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