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Copper Sinks with Hand-Forged Patterns

Using centuries-old techniques are company is offering copper sinks with hand-forged patterns to enhance your bathroom or kitchen´s décor. Adding a custom copper product into your decorating scheme is always a captivating idea but choosing one of our sinks with thoroughly engraved designs is a winner. It provides incomparable value to your interiors through a master execution with the highest quality copper on the market. The final product boosts an artistic feel of your kitchen or bathroom, areas that normally favor the functionality and comfort of daily activities over the aesthetics. With our handmade copper sinks, you can have both, efficiency and stunning look.

custom copper sinks


One of the reasons why we can produce such amazing custom copper sinks with hand-forged patterns is that this metal is the most malleable on the market. Thanks to its numerous benefits, our skilful artisan creates one-of-a-kind copper sinks that can be customized in many aspects such as size, shape and patina color. As far as the natural patina is concerned, the copper is experimenting transformation throughout its useful life, a phenomenon that is called “living metal” which consists of copper developing its own protective coating. The patina is usually deep, warm browns that will change and darken over time. Some might love the idea that their copper range hood or vintage copper bathtub transforms over time. Others, on the other hand, prefer their furnishing to stay unaltered forever and taking into account that copper appliances are very durable, that can mean decades. In that case, the customer can order its copper bathroom sink with a chosen patina finish that ranges from light, dark, fired or oxidized and polished. If you want to introduce a vintage flair, ideal for cottage or farmhouse settings, we would recommend opting for a darker or fired color that will fit ideally with earthly tones and natural materials. For modern ambiences, copper bathroom sinks with greenish, oxidized would boost contemporary flair of sleek décor and all-white interiors.

Have a look at our collections of copper bathroom washbasins and farmhouse copper sinks to find the design that best suits your existing décor. Our craftsmen, based in the central part of Mexico, elaborate patterns that represent Mexican fauna and flora as well as many pre-Columbian symbols. All engravings are done manually and after the order is done so you have to wait around 4 weeks for your new sink. However, the final result is worth waiting for. Some of the patterns are decorating only the inner walls of the sink such as bathroom sink "Jurez" that has extraordinary hammered surface texture in form of the ladder pattern inside the basin. On the contrary, many custom copper appliances offer simpler looks with hand-hammered patterns just around the lip, just like the copper sink “Grapes” with comfortable round shape and a quite rustic, bucolic appeal. It has six embossed grapes bundles evenly distributed along the edge of the sink.

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