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Mixed Metal Vent Hoods

Since the last century, we are a designer copper vent hoods with virtually any size, style and finishing imaginable. Our production team of very skilled craftsmen will take a concept of what the appliance should look like to finalizing it with all kinds of elements. They may be welded together using mixed zinc, iron with pewter. The variety is endless as each metal has a number of options when the patina is concerned.

  • copper vent hood with straps
  • cookertop hoods with rivets
  • large home appliances
  • kitchen decorative accessories

Made by order vent hoods are often supplied with natural finish and hand polished vertical or horizontal strapping. Sometimes a crown molding is produced from darker and the rest of the hood lighter tones. Each of those parts come in many versions of appearance and texture. Even though, the product page detail shows an oven hood fabricated hammered, it can be not only made of smooth but also decorated with straps and rivers handcrafted in zinc. You can customize any hood according to your wishes or your interior architect instructions.

copper vent hood with mixed metal straps and rivets

Metal Hood Production

In fact, we specialize in designing and manufacturing of made-to-order hoods, sinks, custom copper bathtubs and tables for dining. Since all items are handmade individually upon receiving the order, the buyer has an incredible opportunity to modify the product without paying any extra cash to do so. In the past, we were creating other items such as pipes, tabletops, electric plug covers among others. We can match the way they are finished with the stove hood so all products in the room including accessories make a complete set complementing the appliance such large as a full size hood. Pot racks and hanging pendant lamps or just covers present themselves incredibly well together. If your electric or gas range has some brass parts, we can imitate them using other metals undergoing certain treatments which are our company's secret. So I am not authorize to talk about them with detail to avoid losing a competitive edge and know how advantage over the competition.

Customizing Vent Hoods

A hood and I mean any design is available for sale in island and wall mounting style. Each can be produced ready for an insert meant for residential and commercial exhaust. Learn about the ways to buying and best online transaction practices. You need to prepare ruff-in prior to installing your mixed metal hood in your own or if you are a contractor your customer's kitchen. Then, when it is delivered to the property, remove the insert unit from it to allow easy access into its interior. You will need it to get inside to drill holes in the frame and the wall behind. Remember that you cannot hang it by its mixed metal sheeting body, The screws must go through the iron frame to support substantial weight such as this. We estimate an average vent cover at 80 Lb.

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