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How to Add Custom Copper Backsplash

A handmade copper backsplash is a great choice for kitchen décor including metals. It can give you endless design options, from artistic and abstract to rustic and traditional. Metal has been used for centuries, and it's still a desirable design today. Today we will talk about how to add a custom copper backsplash to your home. You can choose from many different styles and finishes, including brushed or polished finishes and matte or glossy finishes. Copper is also available in many sizes and thicknesses so you can customize the look of your backsplash based on what works best for your space. The process will require some planning, but it's not difficult at all. 

custom copper backsplash

The first thing you'll need to do is decide what kind of look you'd like to achieve with your decorative copper backsplash. Once you've decided on the type of copper backsplash that best suits your needs, it's time to get started with the installation. Here are some copper ideas for kitchens you may apply. Start by choosing an area of your kitchen where you'd like to add a backsplash. You can either paint over existing tile or wood cabinets or install new tile or wood cabinets in that area instead. Once you've decided on an area for your backsplash, measure out where there'll be seams between sheets of metal (if needed) as well as any holes for outlets or switches.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, so it makes sense that it should be where you want to show off your style. If you're looking for a way to make your kitchen space, feel more like home and less like a commercial kitchen, consider adding more custom copper appliances to match your new custom metal backsplash. You can choose one of our farmhouse copper sinks or copper range hoods customized to your needs. If you prefer smaller elements, it could be kitchenware such as pots and pans. Copper is an excellent choice for kitchen design because it's durable and easy to clean. The fact that it's relatively inexpensive compared to other metals makes it a great option too. They're durable and rust-proof, so the color will stay true over time. A custom copper backsplash can be the focal point of your kitchen, or it can be a subtle accent piece that gives off an industrial vibe. It is one of the most amazing benefits of Mexican copper, it is just incredibly versatile. 

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