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Farmhouse Kitchen with Copper Appliances

 Whatever you name it: French Provence, American country or Spanish Hacienda, a desire to recreate the beauty of the good old days and tranquil, laid-back atmosphere of country living has never been more popular than now. The core of a custom rustic home is where all the cooking happens and where the family enjoys the short instants of being together. That is why you might find a modern designed home but many times the clients choose to build a farmhouse kitchen with copper appliances. Because the copper transmits a warm, welcoming feel and the copper’ patina brings this stunning imperfect look that characterizes rustic interiors.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile white designing your house or apartment, certain elements might help you to elevate the farmhouse kitchen’s look. And yes, these could be exposed wooden beams that add tenderness and architectonical structure. However, let’s say you do not want to go too far with the rustic fashion but blend contemporary layouts with some farmhouse elements. In that case, think about another great item that can become a bold statement just like distressed wooden beams- a copper range hood. If custom-made, any hand-hammered copper vent can for sure become a wow factor. Oversize (might be narrow or very tall) copper appliances are a perfect focal point for a farmhouse kitchen. If you install a handcrafted metallic extractor, whether it will be a wall mount or above the island range hood, it will be one of the first things to notice. You can create a striking contrast with the color and texture of the rest of the kitchen furniture. Copper is such a versatile material that each of our copper range hoods is unique pieces of Mexican craftsmanship. It pairs beautifully with other natural materials that are so trendy in farmhouse kitchens such as reclaimed wood or stone.

farmhouse kitchen with copper

Highlight the rustic style by adding other, essential copper appliances to your kitchenette. You are probably thinking of some decorating details such as door holders or faucets or even kitchenware, but we have in mind an element that is indispensable in any kitchen- a sink. Which sink could look better in a country-inspired kitchen than a farmhouse sink! In the end, they got their name for a reason, right? The comfortable shape and considerable size of a copper farmhouse sink adapt to perfection with the farmhouse lifestyle that is casual, relaxed and family-friendly. Their large, deep basins offer a lot of space to accommodate dishes of an extended family. However, just as functional as farmhouse sinks are, they are also delightful. Have a look at all the copper apron front sinks we offer, and you will discover that their simplicity is very alluring. Remember that you can customize in shape, size and patina color all of our copper appliances found on the web page. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to design a kitchen fixture that will set the style for the rest of your layout.

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