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Double Farmhouse Copper Sink


Rarely do we associate rustic items with a synonym of luxury. Rustic style brings on mind simple, natural, and sustainable interior design solutions. However, in the case of antique-looking apron front copper sinks, they exude a very familiar, comfy, rustic feel, being at the same time a lavish appliance that can revamp your kitchen. With a double, farmhouse copper sink you can elevate the décor and make it a huge statement, whichever your style is. In our collection of copper kitchen sinks you will be able to find classic farmhouse sinks for casual countryside kitchens, sleek and polished contemporary designs for modern homes, and a wide range of unconventional finishes and decorations for more unique applications.

double farmhouse copper sink

If you are planning to upgrade your home with some small but powerful changes to sell it quickly, installing a copper farmhouse sink will immediately increase the value of your kitchen. Custom copper appliances add elegance and singular beauty that cannot be replicated by other synthetic materials. Imagine that every hammering done by a coppersmith is unique and entailed to this model. In the time of mass production, to own something made-to-order adds incomparable value to your décor. A double farmhouse copper sink has survived so many trends and styles and until modern days is one of the most popular types of kitchen sinks. One of the main reasons for that popularity is their amazing aesthetic, simplicity, and comfort in use. In the end, a sink needs to be functional. We will use it day after day. You can see on our web page that we are offering washbasins with a single bowl or divided. Therefore, think about what type of copper sink will suit your daily activities. If you like to wash the dishes and perhaps use the second bowl for drying or even preparing food over a wooden board, then a double farmhouse copper sink will be perfect for you.

The double farmhouse sink rose to popularity due to its practical style. However, it has become a real showstopper when modern design and exceptional décor were added to its look. Thus, the second big question is to choose a particular style of your new sink that will suit best the rest of your kitchen layout. If your kitchen is arranged in all-white cabinets and other furniture, a copper piece will pop against the white. It is a wonderful way of creating contrast and adding some warmth to cold and minimalist interiors. On the other hand, a copper sink with decorative rivets might add a picturesque, bucolic feeling to a farmhouse kitchen. Many of our designs include patterns related to a farmhouse way of life for example flowers, fruits (like grapes), or animals. A wisely chosen washbasin will not only help you in your daily chores but will highlight the style of the kitchen.

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