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Copper Range Hood with Iron Straps


A stove vent can be a decorating element just as any other kitchen gadget. You can make it the focal point of your kitchen or let it blend with an under cabinet vent. Mixed metals vent hood is a great way to create interesting visual effects, enliven the design and enhance a transitional style for your dream kitchen. Metallic range hoods can easily become statement pieces in any kitchen but if you want a one-of-a-kind appliance, consider ordering a custom made copper range hood with iron straps. This kind of design will make a warm glow of copper and dark, elegant grey of iron to pop up at first sight. Therefore, the homeowners need to be able to choose the dream extractor, the one that will define the rest of the kitchen’s style.

copper range hood with iron straps

As a company that manufactures made-to-order copper, iron, and zinc or pewter home appliances for decades, we believe that we can ease the process of choosing the right model of your brand new copper range hoods with iron straps. If you catch a glimpse of our extractors’ collection on our online store, you will be able to discover many excellent examples of copper vent hoods with mixed metals. All shapes, hues and sizes, our copper range hoods can be mounted directly to the ceiling, between kitchen cabinets or under the cabinet. Some of them being tall and slim just like “Houston” or “Loredo” models are ideal for high-ceiling kitchens. The decorative straps emphasize the slender shape and connect visually the top bottom with the crown of this vent. If you have a double oven, you will need a narrower copper range hood like the “Albuquerque” model. This extractor can be wall-mounted between the cabinets and pairs with rustic, farmhouse styles. Apart from vertical straps, it stands out due to its decorative bottom band that is recessed and ornamented with some metallic rivets. However, if you do not find your ideal copper range hood with iron straps among the existing styles, you can send us your project with exact measurements and design and our blacksmiths will create it for you. The price of a custom made vent hood will depend only on the amount of the material used in the specific project, therefore you can have an exclusive appliance for at very reasonable cost.


Any hand-hammered copper range hood with iron straps will steal the hearts of your guests and family members. We offer designs that can fit in a broad range of styles from rustic, Colonial to modern and industrial. All hoods are equipped with a two-speed fan insert including lights and filters. When ordering customized copper range hoods with insert allow four weeks of production. Usually, our factory in Mexico can produce any style of kitchen extractor within fourteen days. The remaining time is dedicated to the logistics including US border crossing procedure.However, as they say, all good things are worth the wait.

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