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Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Copper Sink

Reclaimed wood, shiplap walls, and apron-front copper sinks are indispensable elements to reinvent and enjoy the well-known farmhouse style. It keeps the best items from the traditional rustic décor but leaves behind all the things that would make it feel too crowdy, too dark, and too sturdy. Modern farmhouse style kitchen with copper sink is countryside living meets contemporary design. Made upon the order, our customized farmhouse sinks can become the statement piece of a modern farmhouse décor, offering design from your childhood with vanguard efficiency.

copper kitchen sink

You might ask what the difference between a traditional and modern farmhouse style is. In a classic farmhouse style home, you will see more rustic elements—paneled wood walls, heavy and grandiose furniture, wide plank flooring, etc.
On the contrary, the modern farmhouse style often showcases higher-end materials, cleaner lines, and an overall sleeker look. However, the biggest difference you will find is the use of natural lighting. A modern rustic kitchen’s décor will be light and bright with many windows or at least mirrors to add some additional lighting source. To add an extra shine, you can also consider installing a custom-made copper backsplash with a polished, mirror-like version. In the case of our hand-hammered copper sinks, you can choose between several patina finishing options such as light, dark, fired, and polished. Using different textures is always an alluring way to add interest to your interiors. If your kitchen cabinets are smooth and sleek, you can create an interesting contrast by choosing an apron-front copper sink with a hammered surface or even a relief pattern. The mix of vintage and modern features will definitely add eclectic charm that will be an envy of all of your friends and family.

Modern farmhouse style kitchen with copper sink is bringing the memories of childhood comfort in your grandparent’s country home. Apart from all the aesthetic advantages of a Mexican copper sink, copper has so many benefits that are turning this metal into a favorite choice in contemporary kitchens. The copper appliances such as copper sinks and copper bathtubs have been used for centuries because of their durability and ability to repel bacteria, and they are also known for their non-toxic properties, which makes them perfect for use around water. Lastly, they maintain the warm water longer than any other material which makes them a sustainable option. Not only are they beautiful, but they're also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Unlike stainless steel sinks, which require regular polishing, a farmhouse copper sink will develop a unique patina over time and can even be polished up if you want it to look like new again.

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