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Small Copper Bathtubs

Whether you prefer to enjoy soaking in a spacious bathtub or prefer to do your grooming in small copper bathtubs, copper tubs are hard to beat. Copper is a popular metal for bathroom design because of its hot and sleek modern look. It can be a refreshing change from marble, granite, and stainless steel. The new niche in customization with small bathtubs is making them out of high-quality copper with nickel or gold faucets, making them appear as luxurious and expensive as the rest of your bathroom décor without wasting any space. Manufactured from copper has been used in construction and as an alloy for a long time. Making sure that the bathtub perfectly matches the bathroom can be quite difficult because there are not many options available. But luckily, we love customization. That is why we offer an option for custom copper bathtubs - made to order and in any size or shape.

small copper tub

Would you ever choose to get your bathtub only 25 inches wide? For tight spaces like that, the need arises for a deep version of these custom-made copper baths. In this introduction to the custom-made copper bathtubs section, you´ll learn a bit more about small copper bathtubs. A lot of homeowners in urban areas are opting for freestanding copper bathtubs that are less than 36 inches wide. This is because they provide more space when not in use and easily tuck away in their niches when guests come over or they have to bathe themselves. Plus, they lend an airiness to the bathroom that deep and average size tubs can’t achieve. A copper bathtub gives a level of luxury that cannot be found anywhere else. The deep copper tub is an item that can be placed by a luxurious hearth or center in a bedroom suite on low, appropriate legs. No matter what the use, these one-of-a-kind bathtubs are undeniably luxurious additions to any dwelling space. These small copper tubs can be installed in corners, furnace sites… You name it, they can fit there.

Baths are the perfect way of making a home more unique and cabin-like. Small copper tubs for small bathrooms offer a luxurious feeling of being slightly taller than normal bathing and many more customization personalized options. Custom-made copper bathtubs are not only fashionable but also small in scale. Best of all, custom design means that these baths come in as many shapes as you want them to be, even the more unusual ones.

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