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Bathroom with Hammered Copper Accents

Are you tired of your bland, boring bathroom? Want to design a room that shouts leisure and luxury? Creating a spa-like bathroom with hammered copper accents has always been challenging with companies like ours that are producing unique and customized copper appliances for all budgets. Accents made of hammered Mexican copper are a perfect choice!

hammered copper accents

First things first invest in a hammered copper bathtub. Not only is it a statement piece that will make your bathroom the envy of all your friends, but it's also believed that copper has healing properties that can help soothe sore muscles and improve circulation. This kind of tub not only serves its intended purpose but it also gives any bathroom a touch of class and sophistication. Your bathroom will have a more spa-like atmosphere thanks to the freestanding feature. This customized piece will make your bathroom the envy of all your friends, but copper, as we mentioned, is also believed to have healing properties, and more importantly, it keeps the warm water longer than any other material. So why settle for a dull, built-in tub when you can have a freestanding copper tub that will make you feel like royalty every time you step into the bathroom? And who says it actually needs to stay in a bathroom? Many interior designs incorporate standalone copper bathtubs into bedrooms or even outdoors.

An oval copper sink can also give your bathroom a more opulent feel. The circular shape gives the sink an exquisite appearance, and the hammered copper finish provides the room with an additional sense of coziness. Add copper candle holders, vases, or even a mirror with a copper frame to your decor. These minor adjustments will give the room a unified, opulent sense. Our copper frame mirrors can be hung vertically or horizontally, so you can play with this reflection and an additional light source (if it is in front of a window). Finally, think about bringing copper lighting into the space. They not only provide the area with a cozy and welcoming glow but also give it a refined air. It's not an impossible goal to design a bathroom that feels like a spa! You may quickly create a rich and peaceful environment by adding hammered copper accents like a bathtub, freestanding tub, sink, decorative items, and lights. So go ahead and reward yourself with a tiny slice of heaven with hammered copper accents in your house.

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